5 Steps to Teaching English Abroad

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So you might have heard that teaching abroad is a way to take advantage of being a native English speaker in order to see the world, meet new people and even get paid? Well it is all true! This step-by-step course is the perfect way to find a program that is right for your background and goals.

Being a native English speaker means that you have a ticket abroad, whether that is volunteering for a few weeks in Latin America or teaching full-time in China. We will show you how it is possible to travel the globe even if you do not have any teaching certifications or previous experience. Our high-level overview helps to break down the different ways to get abroad as quickly and easily as possible.

We broke down this process into 5 simple, easy to digest steps:

1. Identifying your Teacher Profile

2. Finding a Program or Institute

3. Getting Prepared for the Adventure

4. Getting off the Plane

5. Enjoying your Stay

To assist you as we go through this process step-by-step, we have included worksheets and checklists so that you can follow along with the video lectures, effectively finishing the course with a personalized plan based upon your situation and objectives.

I have been living abroad for the past 6 years, initially starting with a volunteer program and then eventually branched out to private classes and working with institutes. In order to help others get out there and start traveling as well, I worked together with a team of 3 teachers from various backgrounds who have collectively taught in 4 continents and 9 different countries to create this curriculum as we wanted to cover all the things we wish we had known before starting our teaching abroad journey.

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