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I want to congratulate you for buying this course. In about an hour, you will realize that you have probably made decision for your career, and the best value you received from an educational content.

The recommendations in this course quite simply work! I have been sharing these in my personal coaching sessions with those that I mentor at Cass Business School (City University London), and some of my clients at consulting engagements who have a burning passion to enter into the world of consulting. I can’t say I have a 100% success rate, but it’s overwhelmingly successful, with hundreds of people either ending up at great consulting firms or at the very least landing an interview.

So, I have decided to document what I teach in these coaching sessions in a course and share it with a wider audience. If you have the dedication, then there is nothing stopping you from succeeding with these firms.

The step-by-step recommendations in this course are extremely effective. They not only worked for me at the beginning of my consulting career, but also many other people whom I have encountered over the past 10 years of my consulting career. So I have absolutely no doubt that this is an extremely effective programme. But the only way to get good results is by truly committing to it.

In my decade-long consulting career, I have had the opportunity to work with McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, Strategy& (Formerly Booz) in my joint projects for years, and full-time at PwC for over 4 years in Strategy Consulting. I am very familiar with these firms, the way that they work, their deliverables, niche areas, expertise, training, and also recruitment methods.

Please take this course with an open mind and feel free to challenge my analysis and recommendations which I will present. I am not here to teach you consulting. Each firm has its own methodology of how they approach consultancy, i.e.; PwC has a methodology that it calls “transform”, and I’m sure I’d be sued to death if I even remotely shared anything of it publicly here!

To set your expectations clearly from the beginning, if you follow the approach as set out in this course, you will significantly increase your chances of getting a placement or at least a shot in the big consultancy firms. That’s all most people are looking for; a foot in the door. Frankly, that’s all you need. There are many great resources written about how to crack the case studies or interviews. That’s not what I will be focusing on here. Let’s get the interview first, then you can worry about how to pass it.

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