15 Lessons Every Professional Needs to Know

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This course is the ULTIMATE GUIDE for all professionals in the working world.

How much easier would you career be if you have a guide on what skills to development?

This course is all about developing professionals to have long lasting careers by giving them the tools necessary to be successful. Professionals often go through their careers having to make costly mistakes to their personal brand. This course gives you all of the key lessons that ALL professionals need to learn in order to have a long lasting career that can weather all uncertainty the professional world has to offer.

Included in this amazing course are:

  • 6 Main sections on professional development
  • 15 HD Lectures

Essential Lessons for Professionals can be used just like a book – reading it from start to finish or it can be used a reference guide – you can find the parts that are most important to you. The best part about this course is that you have the freedom to select the specific sections that are most relevant to you and your current position. Therefore tailoring the course experience to your needs.

The Career Blue Print is structured in the following way:

  • 6 Sections
  • 15 Lectures in total

The main topics are:

  1. Effective Time Management
  2. Three D's of Time Management
  3. Work-Life Balance
  4. Creating a Strong Work-Place Network
  5. Creating a Balanced Network
  6. Maintaining Your Network
  7. How to Deal with a Decline in Your Network
  8. 10 Levels of Delegation
  9. Influencing Others
  10. Assertiveness
  11. Understanding Your Skills
  12. Your Communication Style
  13. The Real Expectations of Project Management
  14. Creating Mini Systems
  15. Kotter's 8 Steps for Change Management

Essential Lessons for Professionals helps all professionals to develop the specific skills they need to be a well rounded professional. These skills will serve you well in every job you do throughout your professional life.

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